Global Expansion
Following years dedicated to refining and perfecting company standards and operational practices in the U.S, Amneal has expanded its business around the world to become a global resource for quality generic products. The Amneal scientific team, R&D and manufacturing capabilities, coupled with its regulatory expertise and success in complex product development, make the company uniquely prepared to handle the demands of an international marketplace. Recent expansion has earned Amneal presence in Australia, the United Kingdom (Creo Pharma), Spain (Pharmagenus), Scandinavia (CoPharma), and Germany (BioEq Pharma). With integration either completed or well under way in these markets, Amneal now looks to expand into Latin America and Asia.

The company’s targeted global expansion strategy remains focused on establishing front-end distribution capabilities in select markets focusing on pure generics, branded generic products, smart acquisitions and local distribution partners, as strategically appropriate. Ultimately, Amneal seeks to market differentiated complex generics and biosimilars worldwide.

As Amneal establishes a presence in each market, it stays carefully aligned with its proven strategy, growing purposefully rather than on a schedule. The company knows it requires the right partners to contribute to its success and is aggressively seeking those people and organisations.