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Vital update on new CHS fees – will it affect you?

You may have received a recent communication from CHS dated the 1st of May outlining information around their fees and charges, in particular, changes to CHS account maintenance fees (an extract is provided for reference). We wish to assure you that customers who are purchasing Amneal ONLY products from CHS will NOT incur any additional account keeping fees.

We appreciate, that on occasion, you may purchase both Amneal and other products in the same CHS order. As this new account keeping fee is discretionary, we would encourage you to clarify directly with CHS as to the applicability of this fee to your account. 

Amneal is committed to distributing its products to you, our valued customers, in the most efficient and cost effective manner. To discuss your options on how we can improve this for your pharmacy, please contact your Amneal Business Manager or our Customer Response Centre on 1300 729 661, Mon – Fri 8.30am to 5.30pm.